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Detail Spray and Prep Clay

Detail spray is used as a lubricant in the process of prep clay. Prep clay removes surface contaminants such as paint over-spray, road tar, rail dust, tree sap, and bug residue. It is ideal for light to medium surface contaminants. Claying does not remove the clear coat of the paint. Sufficient lubrication will be present to avoid scratching the paint. The paint will be smooth to the touch. Claying does not replace polishing. It is a process that should be used before polishing compound. Claying should be used once or twice a year. This is a first step process before wax application.


Surface Compound

The purpose of polishing is to remove contamination, swirls, scratches, and other imperfections from the paint. In contrast to the clay, which removes contamination from the surface of the paint, polishes penetrate the clear-coat or the paint itself on single stage paint. Polishes are classified based on how abrasive they are. Nice Detailing. uses Surface Compound, a moderately aggressive polish designed to eliminate car wash scratches and light to medium oxidation it can also be used to remove light imperfection such as swirls and water spots. It is blended with advanced polymers to increase durability. Nice Detailing. uses a variable speed polisher along with the Surface Compound which will produce a brilliant shine.


Surface Compound $69.95

Pre wax cleaner (alternative to compounding)

An alternative to compounding is our pre wax cleaner. Pre wax cleaner is also a polish. It is used prior to waxing to remove light contamination and dirt. Nice Detailing. uses a natural citrus cleaner and degreaser. It is excellent for cleaning prior to waxing. This application is also a first step alternative prior to waxing for those who may not need compounding and may only need to have their finish lightly cleaned. Along with our variable speed polisher, this process will bring your finish back to a showroom shine.


Pre Wax Cleaner $29.95


Waxing is the ultimate form of protecting an automobile's finish. Many waxes contain carnuba which creates a solid layer between the paint and the outside which protects it and gives it a shiny finish. Nice Detailing uses Pro Express which is a combination shine enhancement product that utilizes advanced silicone's and carnuba wax to quickly enhance your shine. It is quick to apply and easy to remove with our variable speed polisher. It will produce a hard, brilliant, long lasting shine.



*Express wax is a premium liquid hand wax that removes residual deposits of tar, grease, oil and road grime while waxing. It contains both UV blockers and Rust-Oleum additives to protect vehicle surface. The Express wax has been specially designed for use on today's clear-coat, acrylic, and enamel finishes.


Beyond waxing would be sealants. Nice Detailing offers Auto Glaze which is a high gloss polish that cleans, polishes, seals and restores in one easy step. It will help to resist corrosion, detergents and weathering. It provides a hard, silicone-polymer shield. Auto Glaze can be used alone or as a final step.


Clear Coat Protectant


Nice Detailing offers our customers the option of adding to their finish a clear coat protectant. Due to harsh weather conditions, along with snow and ice on our roads today, salt solutions and de-icers may cause severe damage to your vehicle. Along with increasing exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays, these elements may make your vehicle more susceptible to damage. Nice Detailing offers as a solution our Clear Coat Protection with Rust-Oleum additives. This product is used to seal and protect your automobile's finish and underbody. This brilliant gold liquid has an ultraviolet sunblock to provide corrosion protection and seal out the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on your vehicles finish.