Variables that will affect pricing

What would cause additional cost?


  • Excessive Dirt. A sedan that has not been cleaned in 6 months versus one that has not been cleaned in several years will require very different things in order to get the job done properly. Therefore, will not be quoted at the same rate. There is a difference between excessive dirt and surface dirt.
    1. Surface dirt is exactly what it sounds like. It is simple dust and dirt that has not been allowed to sit for extremely long periods of time.
    2. Excessive dirt is on the other end of that, dirt that has been allowed to sit and more or less become a part of the car.

  • Cloth Seats. As a rule, cloth seats require more time, product, and effort to detail to a level 10 condition. There are 2 main fabrics cloth seats are made out of:
    1. A fabric that is much like traditional carpeting, the fibers are not too tightly woven, and this is much easier to clean.
    2. The other kind of fabric is one that is much more popular today. It is a very tightly woven fabric that could almost be described as rough, more or less. It is extremely popular in newer cars produced today. Because of the tightness of the fabric, dirt/stains can be more difficult to remove, which will change the quote.

  • Travel Distance. Because I am a mobile detailer, I am accustomed to driving in order to get to a job. However, there are instances when I am traveling too far not to charge. At the end of the day, I am having to pay for gas, as well as simply my time. As a rule, if the job is under 35 minutes away, I do not charge anything extra. However, when I start stepping into traveling 45 minutes to an hour, I charge anything from $15 to $50 extra. This is an area where I sometimes tell customers that it may be a better financial decision simply to have someone closer to their area to do the job. Of course, there is no promise they will bring the same value to the table that I bring, but that is a decision you have to make.